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I've seen quite a few good side-lit shots get the axe as "back lit" over the years. If I had to pick a rule I'd like to see relaxed, that'd be it.
Is a diesel shot, with the front of the unit in shadow, but with headlights and perhaps ditch lights contrasting with the shadow, and with foreground and background scenery made more dramatic and three dimensional due to shadows, a good shot or not?
Ditto -

I too like photos with contrast and different angles - something other than the blue sky sun over the shoulder wedge shot. These are some of my favortie shots that were rejected here. They're still good to me, and I'm not complaining about the screening process, but I would like some feedback as to whether they are the "best of the best" or just very good (even in only my eyes).

Tank train at Newport
CP Cannon
Cove at Twilight
Doublestacks at Cove
Marysville in the morning
Transfer at CP Ruth
Rob Kitchen
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