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Originally Posted by socalrailfan
I know for a fact sometimes they reject one of mine just to get me to think a bit more about it
Same here, usually i am pretty good about making sure i got everything from a shot before i do anything with it, but both the chris's on this site have been pretty helpful in making sure they keep my 'lesser' shots out. I am happy with there screening.

But honestly i would like to see some more out of the box pictures, but railpictures knows when to accept good ones and bad ones, usually the ones they do accept ae very good.

I agree with a231pacific, the desert does come alive with the right shadows, but sometimes the 'artisticness' of a photo can get out of hand.

I can tell you how many times i have seen junk and stupid odjects to frame up a shot in, which totally ruins the photo. I really hate seeing a bunch of junk in the foreground, railroad equipment included. To me a shot should be clean and crisp, with mabey a accent object or something.
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