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Cool Progress?

I was browsing through some random RP pix yesterday and saw a lot of backlit and side lit pictures that had been accepted presumably with no struggle. I think the Drewster is right, that back and side lighting is more acceptable to the screeners when the shot includes more of the environment around the train.

I'm particularly puzzled by the initial rejection of Dave Toussaint's picture. IMHO it is a very pleasant scene by almost any standard. Rejecting it for being backlit can't be the real reason. Perhaps the screener meant to push the unsharp button. I’m glad to see the new improved version got in.

Some of Rob Kitchen's photos also raise questions. I particularly like the "Transfer at CP Ruth" image because of the nice lighting and interestingly proportioned consist. I see absolutely no reason for it to have been rejected. It is a good example of a close-up wedgie that works because it has interesting graphics and the back lighting really adds to the image. But perhaps it was judged by the screener more as a basic wedgie, which it really isn't.

At the same time it is worth mentioning that some pix have made it in that I really don’t find very interesting. Outside the box is not always good. Heck, inside the box is not always good.

Net net, we seem to be back to Michael’s original question, “What constitutes a good photograph”.

We’ll probably never answer that question, but the nice thing about RP is the opportunity to debate it. Hopefully the screeners enjoy this debate as much as we do. After all, as noted above it is important that we get along with the screeners.

I don’t know whether it is progress or not, but I do sense a more diverse selection of images than when I first came here four months ago.

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