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Well, photography is subjective, and I like the first one. I don't see the blurry at all, to the point that I wonder if the screener hit the wrong rejection reason. I do wish the sun had been just a wee bit lower so that it would have been filtered a bit more by the hillside. Not much you can do there. I can live with the flare but it isn't what one would want.

The second one, I'm not in a mood to inspect closely for level. I find the foreground much less than enticing and I'd prefer you go 10-20 yards down to the right and make the caboose a more prominent part of the composition. That splash of NW on red is just too interesting, so at that size it acts as a distraction rather than a complementary element. That location might also allow one to see all the way to the bottom of the doors on the structure, and maybe the trucks on the caboose.

PS: a shot from the other side:

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