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Default My 250th Photo

This may not seem that big a deal to some of you, but for me, it's a big deal. I started submitting here in January of this year. At first, I concentrated on my old slides. Scanning and cleaning up these photos took a lot of my time in the first quarter of this year. By summer I was trying, and failing, to get some of my new work accepted. I learned from my mistakes, and now I am starting to get more of my new photos accepted. However, for my 250th photo, I went into my stash of slides and came up with a pair of former Seaboard Air Line/Seaboard Coast Line Baldwins that had been purchased by the newly formed Michigan Northern Railway.

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 159703
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

Because of my involvement here I have not only been able to share my photographs with surfers to this web site but also with members of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. The next issue of the SOO will have two of my photos in it. I have also become a contributor of historical photos for the Michigan Railroads web site, the Mountain State Railroads web site, and the Algoma Central historical web site.

I want to thank the administrators of this site for the opportunity they have given me.
Rob Kitchen
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