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Originally Posted by Slopes09 View Post
Well, itís the standard story: my camera took a trip to the pavement yesterday. In the grandest of ironies, it was well I was standing still (considering some of the things Iíve done while holding it, i.e. sprinting, hurdling, etc.). So, the mirror appears to be out of alignment and the camera doesnít turn on anymore. When I put batteries in, the mirror goes up and down rapidly for about ten seconds before stopping.

So, my question isÖanyone have a similar experiences and how much did they cost to repair? Iím mostly interested in the repair cost, as it will be my deciding factor as to whether or no I repair this one or buy a new one. Even vaguely similar situations and different manufacturers would be helpful to me. All the person on the phone could tell me was "over $100."

Sounds very similar to what happened with my old Canon Elan 2E, minus the fall to the ground part and subsequent damage. But it had some sort of electrical problem that caused the mirror to flutter like you described, and I got a low battery error with a brand new battery. Sent it in. It was $180 just for them to look at it. They cleaned the camera and electric systems but couldn't find any specific problems, and sent it back. Cost me about $210 overall. Mirror didn't flutter anymore, but it still had problems. I switched to digital a couple months later. Good luck fixing it. I'd almost recommend buying a new or used body if the price is right. Then repair your current one and sell it. Repairs are expensive as a rule.
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