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It used to be a lot better, before a couple years ago.

That was before (as I understand it) one or two overzealous UP employees (one is a maintenance foreman, the other a trainmaster or similar) started their campaign to eliminate railfanning on Tehachapi (not just around the loop) by, among other things, blocking road access with concrete ties, threatening railfans who are both on railroad property (okay) and nowhere near railroad property (not okay), and calling the local constabulary for the same.

It's a beautiful, beautiful area of the country, though, especially in the spring, and there are still tons of places to watch (and shoot) that are on public property far enough from the rails that even the infamous UP dogcatchers wouldn't dare say a word about your presence. It's a one of a kind piece of railroad in a beautiful, secluded, quiet environment that I absolutely adore.

I recommend anyone make at least one visit in their lifetime.

(Is that closer to what you were looking for?)
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