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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
Image © Max Medlin
PhotoID: 323572
Photograph © Max Medlin

Thanks guys!
Tremendous amount of good rolling stock here, consisting mostly of hopper cars, with a tremendous amount of uniformity which has a elegance all its own, indicating the nature of the business. IMO it would be most interesting to carry this theme a lot further, showing the magnitude and expanse of the operation, which would require showing more of the total length of the switch yard. There are apparently lots more rolling stock off camera, toward "six o'clock", yet the top 40% of the image seems wasted on a ho-hum sort of background and a so-so bunch of high clouds.

So you are shooting from "six o'clock" (enfilade) the length of the switch yard. Perhaps you are shooting from an overpass and that was the best angle, but if one could get an angle from "three o'clock" (especially) "or "nine o'clock" (possibly) with the nice elevation you have, you might be able to work in more of the motive power in addition to all the hopper cars. The high ground which I assume lies out at "nine o'clock" might help "cradle' or "embrace" the scene.
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