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Originally Posted by baggydave View Post
I have to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this site as I found out this week that a picture I posted on here a couple of months ago has made its way into the Canadian Pacific calendar for 2011.
Because of the nice things members had said about it, CPR emailed me and suggested that I should enter it for the competition that apparently they hold every year. Coming from England I knew nothing about this so I gratefully took up the opportunity and sent them a copy. Well thanks to you all it made it and thank you again. I only wish that I could come over and do some serious railfanning rather than the hit and miss stuff that I do when I come over. Maybe I will get the chance in October when,hopefully I travel to California for a couple of weeks of photography. Only trouble is your National Parks are so great I spend a lot of time in them as well to the detriment of my rail passion.
Congrats! I've never "submitted" anywhere other than here at RP, but I have a few published that the Editors contacted me, and have had a few authors contact me to ask if I have such and such location, etc. via RP for a few articles and books that are still works in progress.

Originally Posted by ottergoose
I'm sure there are others, but, CP, UP, BNSF, CSX, MRL and TTX all publish calendars; BNSF's material comes exclusively from employees, all of the others accept shots from the public. McMillan also solicits work for their calendars. I'd guess all of the deadlines have passed for 2011, but you can certainly be shooting with 2012 in mind.
I'm 99% sure that the NS calendar is an employee only calendar too. I have a few that an NS friend gave me, and I recognized 6-8 names from here at RP that are employees. He said if I wanted to try to get a photo in the NS, that he would have to submit it, but then my name wouldn't be with the pic. Still deciding on that.
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