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We got called in once by a CSX crew. 2 sheriff cruisers showed up, we weren't on RR property so he proceeded to tell us how dangerous it was near RR tracks. Afterward he asked where we worked and we told him "For the railroad." The defeted look on his face was classic. "I guess I just wasted that lecture, didn't I?" They left and just told us to be careful.
I was reported once for sitting outside a interlocking on a United States Steel Shortline. I had visited the spot many many times before, and the crews enjoyed our presence.. One day, we go as if it was an any old day, and set up at our usual spot, 30 feet away from the closest track ( abandoned ) and the active track was 50 feet away! A light set rolls out, the crew gives us a few blasts of the horn and everything.... The train rolls around the bend and the scanner plays ( we had missed the train calling us in but picked up the reply ) - How many kids were there? We had done nothing wrong, and never returned to the location again. Such a shame, because what are 2 kids with video cameras pointed at trains going to do?

- Ian Hapsias
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