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According to Center for Responsive Politics:

Of the $50,971,205 in "Transportation" sector contributions (private, corp, PACs and soft monies) in 2004 74% went to Republicans;

of the $208,422,245 in the "Lawyers & Lobbyists" sector contributions (private, corp, PACs and soft monies) in 2004, 71% went to Dems.

Isolating the Railroad component of the "Transportation" sector:

KCS was the only company to give overwhelmingly to the Dems - 55% of their $91,627. The rest sent 78% of their $4,953,304 in contributions to Republicans. Specifically, the Union Pacific donated $1,608,806 in 2004. Of which, 21% went to the Dems.

Looking at the top recipients for the Presidential '04 race, Kerry had to split up the $55,000 in contributions with Gephardt, Dean, LaRouche, Clark and Edwards prior to becoming the VP candidate.

It isn't a wonder though, when the Dems side with lawyers and lobbyists who look to sue anything and everything that may be found liable. Or stand on the soapbox, scarring supporters into believing that if we turn our backs for 2 seconds the US will be a wasteland due to railroads and large businesses.

Clearly the Labor Unions overwhelmingly donate to the Dems (87% of $61,476,543), so it makes sense that the "big businness" bullies would give to a party on their side. But, I would hardly consider the likes of RJ Corman, Genessee & Wyoming, DM&E, Gulf & Ohio Railways and Grand Trunk & Western Railways big business.
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