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Originally Posted by netfangwei View Post
Hello all:
I wonder if someone could answer my question, when taking pictures near the tracks with no trespassing sign, how far should I keep away for safety concern?
I read this as saying what to do when a sign is not present.

Originally Posted by Hatchetman View Post
Good question. You will get varying opinions. I would say 10 feet from a moving train, but others will tell you horror stories of flying chains, straps, derailments, etc.

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Actually that is bad advice, and here is why.
To be clear, Troy's comment refers only to the part of Hatchetman's post that refers to signs and trespass. Hatchetman has good advice on proximity. As I grow older, I step back further and further. The crews certainly appreciate that too - to them, you are just a possible death.

If someone trespasses one property where someone lives, the owner should take care of it themselves. It will help crime, population growth issues, medicaid and food stamps needs. Trespassing on RR property, if you are stupid and get hit, you deserve to die.
Sounds like Troy is in favor of murder. I disagree. And given how much detail Troy went into the law on trespass, you would think he would be more mindful on the law regarding self defense as a justification for killing. Big, big difference between trespass and a life or death situation.

But then, Troy is sometimes not mindful at all, he just likes to babble.
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