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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Sounds like Troy is in favor of murder. I disagree. And given how much detail Troy went into the law on trespass, you would think he would be more mindful on the law regarding self defense as a justification for killing. Big, big difference between trespass and a life or death situation.
I am in favor of murder in certain circumstances, like someone rapes my child, or wife. That person's gonna possibly get a killin', to hell with due process. But that is not what I am getting at here. In the context of the conversation and subject of someone trespassing on RR property, and is hit and killed, that is not murder, that is "death by stupidity". The train crew didn't murder the person. In terms of my rant about tresspassing on "property" and the owner "dealing with it", I wasnt implying the owner should shoot the person...

But then again, it's quite possible the person may be armed and possibly might be found dead with a knife or other dangerous object in his hand after he gets shot on my property. I felt threatened after all, right?

But then, Troy is sometimes not mindful at all, he just likes to babble.
Wont debate you on that point.
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