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Originally Posted by NicTrain35
I agree. I see many ignore the sign everyday.

Unfortunately, not all of them stop. Some don't even stop at a protected crossing (equipped with gates, lights and sound). There should be a fine of about $500 (more, if needed) if you're caught driving around a lowered gate or driving past flashing lights. I'm not sure what the current fine is for breaking those rules.
Two years ago, my partner & I stopped for coffee prior to a court appearance for a ticket we wrote to a guy who passed a line of stopped traffic over the double yellow line, forced another car off the road, and drove around lowered crossing gates with a switcher moving through the crossing (luckily it had just started moving)-- The guy we ticketed was also in the coffee shop--After the judge found him guilty, it was the other officer's and my fault he was in trouble-- Outside the courtroom, he told us what a$$holes we were, and we should go get another cup of coffee-- I said: "You know what, that's a good idea. It only cost me 3 bucks in the coffee shop, but it just cost you fifteen hundred in the courtroom." Needless to say, we laughed all the way to the coffee house, and even celebrated with a donut-- Cheers, da Gator
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