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When did gates and lights become commonplace on railroads anyway? Was cars getting hit by trains as much or more of a problem then as it seems to be now? Or have drivers just gotten more foolish and stupid?

For some reason i think todays drivers have more respect for a normal stop sign or traffic light than they do for a crossbuck, lights, or gates. In my town a very minor railroad crosses main street. They used to have regular flashing lights like at a normal train crossing, but they were replaced with traffic lights. Maybe at these rural crossings they could put a normal stop sign along with the crossbuck and lights, but who knows if it would do any good.

I would also be interested to know how many tickets are given out by law enforcement for crossing the tracks when a train is coming. It doesnt seem to be that well enforced, although its clear that Gator and his partner are doing a fine job. Obviously they have a lot of other stuff for law enforcement to attend to as well. I was wondering, if i was to be out railfanning and saw a car go around the lowered gates and snapped a couple quick pictures and called it in would anything actually happen to the guy? If he was caught would the pictures stand up in court?
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