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Unless the data isn't making it from either the camera to the card or from the card to the computer like it's supposed to, image quality won't have anything to do with the card you choose. If there is something wrong like that, your card probably won't work at all. Supposing the data was being harmed during transfer, the loss of data wouldn't make the picture blurry. The card would probably just stop working, or, at best, you have a picture that you wouldn't be a ble to recognize.

I have a 256 meg and will buy a second shortly. The size you need depends on the camera and image quality/size you shoot. Check your pictures on your computer once you download them from your camera to see how big they are. Divide the amount of storage in the card you want (in MB) by the average size of a single picture (in MB) and that's how many images that card will hold.

... hope this helps.
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