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I don't see where you included the details(1892 etc) you are referencing as "them" not believing in the remarks section.

Anyway, since I too occasionally photograph the 'L" I took the time to look at all your photos and spotted this one which would be a good example of balanced composition and there are two other takes of yours at the same location, one further away and the more recent.

Image © David Harrison
PhotoID: 282465
Photograph © David Harrison

I understand you maybe wanted another look but if I didn't know about your other photos I'd think this rejected a typical cramped "L" photo where room is limited.

As been noted the rejections are generic and are not tailored exactly to a specific photo. The rule of thirds I think is given as a general hint but does not mean if you don't put your subject in the middle it is not awkward.

The rejected might be close to accepted, a little more train and just little back???

I too get critical of rejections but with 3 nice images at this location I just don't see getting wound up about it???


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