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Originally Posted by C-VOTV
The rejection reason for the first picture was "Undersharpened (soft)"

I don't fully agree, but I can see that the rear and the background of the train is out of focus. The problem is that when I focus the front part of the train, I am not sure if the camera can focus the rear equally and the building in the background that is a few Kms away.

I don't claim that it is of this site's standard, but "soft" reason is a bit disturbing because the focussed part is sharp enough.

Make sure you select the proper ISO speed and stop down the lens as far as possible for a dimmer shot like this to get the best DOF possible. Generally the smaller the lens opening the greater the depth of field (range of sharpness). Digital cameras in full auto mode have this problem all the time. ISO speed is set to 100, the sun goes in so the lens opens up to get the best exposure. You can compensate by raising the ISO to 400 and letting the f-stop increase for the same exposure and enjoy a little better DOF.

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