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It is a creative issue. My view/observation/experience is that anything between a 5:4 and a 3:2 ratio "works" for RP, and I do not restrict my crops in advance (by forcing a particular ratio within PSElements) but rather choose what works for the particular shot.

As for what Chris said, for horizontals I set the horizontal dimension to 1024 and the vertical to a minimum of 683 and on up to 819 which gives the 5:4. For verticals I follow the same process except I prefer not to exceed 900 vertical, which gives a range on the horizontal of 600 to 720 on the horizontal. You need a minimum of 600 in both dimensions.

For some reason RP does not like square compositions. I suppose that, for just about all train shots, square is not the best, but on rare occasions it does work for me.
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