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Originally Posted by John Ryan View Post
I always find square or very narrow crops to be somewhat odd. When I compose the photo, it's done through the viewfinder. I try to stick with the original aspect ratio of my camera. I try to fit the scene to the frame and vise-versa. If I screw it up, I delete it rather than produce a hot-dog proportioned photo.
Since when is 5:4 a hot dog proportion? I do agree on the very narrow crops, but I do see value in square, however infrequently.

As for the rest of your post, my camera is a 3:2. My vision - however limited - is sometimes a 3:2, sometimes a 4:3, sometimes a 5:4. I see no reason to limit what I want to do to the sensor dimensions of my current camera and I don't push toward 3:2. I saw no reason to change my compositional approach when I upgraded from my 4:3 digicam to my 3:2 DSLR.
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