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Default Sandersville

Would be interested in any info on the Sandersville, such as days of operation, typical operations and arrival/departure times, etc. I am mainly asking on behalf of a friend, and may or may not make the trip myself, but figured we could all benefit. Thanks!
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Mondays the best day. Get there at sunrise, three jobs should be working in the morning, a industry job, the Deepstep turn, and a pulldown/interchange job.
The center of activity is the yard between the offices and Tennnille. You will be able to get some shots of the industry job as it goes across the road to switch either the transload facility or one of the spurs leading to the in town Kaolin plants. Keep a close eye on the Deepstep job, which will have its engines pointing north, when it looks like it is ready to depart, (generally around 9AM) head for the streetrunning on Tybee St., this is one of the coolest spots on the line and also is the only place to get good NB light in the morning, train will normally be running slug first going north, unless they have the SW1500-SW1200 duo on the Deepstep turn. Follow the train to Deepstep, then the waiting game.....
You will have to wait for them to switch the Imerys Kaolin plant before they come back out of the woods to switch KT Clays on the other side of the road. KT is a bit sensitive about people taking pics of the plant so stay on the public road. Once all cars are gathered they will head south generally around 1 PM. The train will run straight to the yard where it will stop to do some switching after which they will run to the NS yard and interchange. Swap will generally take 20 or so minutes after which they will either shove back or run light engines. The Tennille switcher generally has some decent power on it, not HH's like it used to be though, seems like they have a GP40-2/yard slug duo most of the times. And with that your done, one of the other jobs may still be working but you'd be hard pressed to find it. Not much action in the evening hours.

This is a bad time of year to do Sandersville, the southbound run of the Deepstep turn is in high sun, so all you will get in good light is some shots around the yard and the northbound Tybee St. shot (slug first), unless the deepstep turn runs late.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=7861

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's http://nikos1.rrpicturearchives.net/

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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