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Default High Sun and Poor Lighting?

Poor Lighting

High Sun

Will I be able to fix these?

-Keegan Goss
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John Fladung
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Unfortunately I think not since the sun was your worst enemy in both of the shots. I like the idea of shooting from the soybean field though! It would definitely be worth trying that again.
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Both shots are creative and would have worked at some other time of day. The first one is hazy and the light is flat, the second suffers from lack of light on the locomotive sides. Both show good composition, so try again with better light. Good luck.

Michael Allen
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Leave the first one go because there's already an almost-identical shot of it already in the database:

Image © Joe LeMay
PhotoID: 154489
Photograph © Joe LeMay

For the second one, perhaps the fact that it's rare paint might not be a factor, but the trucks of all three units are cut off, which is usually not good...
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