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Default Photos similar?

These two photos were rejected for being similar to other oictures on the site. I disagree. What does everybody else think?



Here are the only photos that might seem similar.



I don't have a Metra train in my picture.
-Keegan Goss
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The UP train looks pretty similar. That's what caused the similar rejection.
Nick Hart
Joliet, IL

My pictures at RP:
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John Fladung
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That's why it's called "similar" and not "exact". Some shots do not deserve this reject as much as others do.
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Yeah, it's typically hard to get shots accpeted when two or more railfans are at the same location taking photos together. Fair or not, it's the nature of the beast...
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Joe the Photog
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In some of those shots, I almost get the feeling that the point of interest was the light poles and the trains just happened to be there.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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I thought all four shots were pretty funny, as you can see the poor crewman on UP 6507, which is stuck in the hole, getting increasingly bored as other trains keep on passing by!
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