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Default Snow Shots

These two photos were rejected for cloudy day, common power. Normally I would agree but these shots were taken during a snow storm. I have seen many shots of common power accepted when there is visible snow falling. I'm just trying to understand why these were rejected. Was it not snowing hard enough? Were the flakes not big enough? Should I bother appealing? I thought the composition of these were both quite good, but I would like to know if maybe there is something I could do to make my snow shots "acceptable". Thanks for your input.


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On the first shot I think that there isn't enough snow flying in the air or beside the train

I'd appeal the second shot. I like it, and there is plenty of photos like that in the database.
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Matt, I was out on the Santa Fe the day before and got some snow shots accepted. The next day, I took more snow shots near St. Louis and they were rejected for common cloudy day power. I think it depends on who is screening on this issue.

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Looking at both photos objectively, I can't really find anything much to pick at. They're both great images. I'd appeal.
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I had the same problem...

I will be going to shoot CP 107 shortly with a rear pusher and its snowing quite heavily right now.

The first shot is a bit dark, the second I think is all right and its quite a set of power making it rather rare.
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To me, the fiorst shot is by far the best of the two. If there was one I'd appeal, it would be this one. But if you can, I might would crop down on all sides, esp. the top -- which woud do away with some sky -- and below where there is some dead space between the engine and the frame of the photo. But even as it is, I think the shot is fine and should be appealed.

The second shot, to me, is more typical. It doesn't do much for me, but if I were you, I'd crop it down to so less of the sky is showing.

Just my two cents. Both are good shots, just one is better IMHO than the other.

Joe H.
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Default Snow shots

I think these are both technically sound shots. I've had the same type of problem with a rainy day photo and a dusk photo. Both rejected as too dark. RAINY DAY AND DUSK! Both include much detail and are sharp. I'm going to enter my own posting for the dusk photo with additional info, but good shots!

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