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Default South Carolina Railroad Museum (SCRM) Visit (56K slow)

Had the pleasure of checking out the SCRM yesterday in Winnsboro, SC (approx. 15-20 miles north of Columbia). It was certainly worth the trek up from Sumter. They have got a fair amount of rail equipment on display. Many are in need of serious restoration, but this outfit works with very little money donated by members and the occasional federal grant, but they are improving things little by little.

The excursion itself was a nice hour and ten minute ride. Having been overseas for 3 out of the last 6 years and having not taken a rail trip since my cab ride with the Reading & Northern before basic, I decided to go all out and pay a little extra for a cupola seat in the museums SCL caboose. The ride was great. The weather was overcast and the temp was nice. Perfect overall day for an excursion. The ride cuts through many a farm, passes by a county airport and terminates in an abandoned rock quarry before backing up towards Winnsborro.

Future plans are to repair the track south of the quarry extending the line by almost 10 miles, as well as setting a stop up in order to provide tours of the quarry.

Here are a few pics that I took with my small digital. The rest of the pics were film and are currently awaiting development.

Ex SAL Caboose

Backing up towards Winnsboro

The train after just crossing US 321

After finishing up with the museum, I drove down into Columbia and see what was going on. I caught a snapshot of two CSX GE units (will know what they are once I get the pics back) pulling a mixed bag. Poked around Columbia a little more, but things were slow so I decided to head back towards homeport in Sumter. When I got to Sumter, I took a jaunt over to the CSX yard and was able to snap some pictures of 2 SD40-2s and a Geep Forty at rest. More pics to come once my film is developed. Hopefully this Wed.

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