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Default CSX Henderson Sub MP 318.4 - 313 2/22/04

Spent a few hours down in the Ohio River flood plain south of Evansville IN and managed to bag 7 different trains, 2 NB and 5 SB.
A week prior, this was flooded as evidenced by the still muddy fields.
Some of these photos I didn't feel were worthy of RailPictures.net, so they're linked from another site.

Q651 SB at Vaughan, MP 318.4 Held at FS tower signal for two NB

S588 NB at Rahm, MP 315

Q562 NB at Rahm, MP 315

Q651 on the move again, leads a parade of 4 to Kentucky. This one at Rahm, approx MP 316

Q597 SB at Rahm, approx MP 316

Managed to beat Q597 to the curve. Q597 at approx MP 314

Q129 SB at the curve

J924 1144' short SB local. The dispatcher questioned why this one was running on the weekend.

Q121 rather short 4400' SB approx MP 316

Hope to get more soon!
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