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Default Trains Seen on NS Piedmont Division in Kannapolis,N.C.(2-12)

I didn't get to see many trains today,but all except 1 had acceptable lashups(i.e. Amtrak/same ol' same ol' P42)

NS SD60 #6636(long-hood-forward),
NS C40-9W(long-hood-forward).
NS GP38-2(hi-nose).

NS GP60,
NS GP60,
NS GP60 #7140(operation lifesaver),
NS SD40-2 #6140.

Amtrak-P42 #145(phase 5).
7 cars.

NS-155 :
NS SD60M #6792,
MRL SDP40 #290("celebrate the century" patch on long hood),
HLCX SD40M-2 #9012(ex-MPI/SD45 shell).

NS C40-9,
NS C40-9W,
NS SD40-2 #6187.
*note* All 3 unit were pulling hard,156 was about to go "on the law".
Jonathon Russell,
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