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Default How are these shots?

I managed to get a few shots with some difficulty only to be rejected.
Can these shots be saved? And what can be done or what should I change in my future photos?

Thanks for all comments in advance.

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Here's a few thoughts on your photos:

Photo 1: This is a very nice shot, the only problem here is that it's cloudy so it's not well lit. It usually has to be rare power in order for them to accept cloudy day shots. It's a great spot, so try again when it's sunny and I bet you can get one accepted from there.

Photo 2: Once again, it's cloudy so lighting is less than optimal. The other thing is the front corner of the unit is just barely cropped off.

Photo 3: The first thing I noticed is that the horizon is unlevel and the train appears to be going sharply up. Maybe use a tripod in the future if you didn't, and you can always rotate it a few degrees when you edit it to make it horizontal. Also the foreground is very dark, so it's probably best to go earlier in the day when it's lit better. You can try to add some adaptive lighting to this one when you edit it and see how much that helps. Once again, a neat spot worth revisiting!

Hope that helps. Good luck with your future shots.
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The first shot is good, but the railing on te side of the bridge obscures the underframe and it's a cloudy day photo.

The second one may be able to be saved, try cropping less tightly.

The third one is also good, but the leaves on the left corner distracted my attention from the subject.
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