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Default Tamron AF 10-24mm

Hi all..... I have been busy in TRW & not able to be on but I hope that will soon change...... Has anyone had any experiance with this lens?? I welcome any comments......


"Thanks for looking"

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What camera
for Nikon http://www.photozone.de/nikon--nikko..._nikon?start=2 Not so great


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I've been using it for about a year now with my D60. I would say it's a decent lens, but there are better options out there. One of the drawbacks of it is that when setting the focus on infinity and shooting a wide-open scene, you have to really close down the aperture to like F/10. Otherwise, objects far away from you will become very grainy in the final image. This can become a big problem in low light
I've produced some really solid images with this lens and it's drawbacks can be overcome. Good lens for the money. But, there are better options out there.
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I would say forget the third party crap and go for the name brand glass, if you can afford it..
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