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Default Engine orientation


Probably a stupid question, but why are multiple-enigne trains sometimes connected front to back to front or some other configuration? Like if the train has 4 enignes, why would you see 3 going forward, and one in reverse? My assumption was that it was just convienient to connect them like that in the yard... is there any other reason?

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Usually it's just what is convenient in the yard. If a certain locomotive is wanted in the lead, most yards can turn the locomotive around.
You'll also find most often that (if there are 3 locomotives or more) the second locomotive is facing forward, and the last locomotive is facing backwards. That way, if the lead loco fails, they can set it out and run from the second unit. When the train reaches it's terminal point, and the power is needed for another train going the opposite direction, then the rear locomotive is now facing the correct direction to lead the other way.

Of course, there can always be trains with all the power forward (elephant style), or all the helper locomotives facing backwards.
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Read more on this thread.

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