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Question Cropping, Color, Contrast Help


I re-cropped it to their wantings, increased saturation and contrast, and I am given the same rejection.. I'm clueless as to what to do.
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The color issue is not saturation, it is the mix of colors. The sky does not look right at all, and the CSX blue looks off. I would start off by shifting the balance towards more blue, but I am not sure exactly what it needs and it will need some work.

I don't know what you did with the contrast but it looks flat.
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I can't do anything with the color of the locomotive on my end.. IRFanview limits me as to what I can do.. Thanks for your help though.
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There is still too much yellow in the shot for my tastes. As for cropping, the train is too low in the frame for starters. If you wanted to keep the towers, as you called them, you may have needed to shoot sooner.
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When I look at the forums, I look at oldest updated threads first and didn't see this one. Here is my reply to the first rejection:
The tower doesn't really bother me, it is there. I TRY to avoid them, but if it is a tower or pole vs. a construction fence or trash cans at a different location, the tower is the winner. WAAAYYYY too much bottom for sure. On top of that, your photo is a little heavy on the left with the empty track on the right (actually surprised that wasn't added with the cropping rejection. You could try to crop in between the 2 signals, but I still don't know if that will work.

You may want to evaluate your rotation too. It looks like you might need a bit of CCW rotation if you are going to try again. The towers along with the signals appear like they are leaning to the right slightly, but enough to notice.
As for this one, the "cropping" on the bottom looks good, but Joe is right about the train being way too low in the frame. Honestly, if you would crop down to just under the bottom most microwave antenna, I don't think the towers being chopped would be a big issue. You may still get hit with cropping because of the wires (which I would like to see the bad composition brought back for) and half chopped tree on the left. I still think you should crop some off of the right to just barely keep the 2 headed tower.

If you are limited with IRFanview (which I have never used, so I am neither promoting or dissing it), there are other freebie downloads like gimp.org (which I use). I took me a while to grasp the more in depth techniques, but I am pleased with it for being free.
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Why don't the "remarks" match the image?

That angle only works when you can trail the train back into the heat rising off the tracks. And this was the incorrect time of day to attempt that image.

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