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Default Blurry - worth working on ??

Had this rejected for blurry -


I've gone back to the original and tried a drastic sharpen and it looks a lot better (I'm actually wondering if I forgot to sharpen the reject !!),so I was thinking of re-submitting.
However,looking at it again,I'm not so sure of the composition - the line of locos seem to form a horizontal line just below the centre of the image.There's no more on the bottom or the top that I can add,so little to work with.
Is it worth carrying on or should I just forget this ? What do you think.
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It needs more that sharpening in my opinion. It could use some more color and contrast. And still some sharpening. Blurry? I really don't see it and I'm on an HD screen. Retry it, the composition isn't the greatest but it works.

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I'll give this one a miss - the 2nd attempt got hit with "bad angle",which sounds pretty terminal !!
What is interesting is that another shot I submitted got rejected for "too much compression",although it wasn't cropped at all.The only alteration to the image between camera and here was a slight sharpening,and I do mean slight,plus resizing.Maybe I'm missing something or just maybe the screener hit the wrong button.Who knows ?? -

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I would figure the "too much compression" rejection would be based upon the jagged line effect that you can see in the power lines at the top of the shot. That is often a symptom of compression issues, though it can occur from excessive sharpening. If you sharpened the image as a whole the first time, try sharpening it again and only select the subject. If you are using Photoshop or a similar program that allows you to select only a part of the photograph, it should be an easy fix.

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