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These days in the UK I usually go for specific workings that are known about though, occasionally I will go out and see what comes along if the weather is exceptionally good or I just feel like a spot of photography. It does help that I live near the busiest main line in the country and have access to "inside information" as well

In the rest of Europe, we will plan a trip on the basis of things and places to see and experience rather than just go somewhere specifically to take photos. However, I am always on the look out to take the best photographs that I can in the given circumstances.

Years ago we used to plan extensively for trips just to take photographs in the UK, usually targetting specific lines and workings. This could be pretty frustrating at times due to either the weather being bad on the chosen day or the train not running as planned for some reason or other (scanners are mostly of no use over here as we generally do not use radio communication for controlling train running). When everything fell into place the sense of accomplishment usually made up for any disappointments.
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I am somewhat informed regarding shortline operations especially Genesee Valley lines, however I live near the tracks on CSX's Rochester sub so I put on a scanner at home and if I hear something special I'll go out. Other than that its luck of the draw. A perfect example of this came the other day. I didn't have my scanner as it was busted so I headed down to the tracks and the second thing I got was Q366 with two new CP ES44ACs and a short train in perfect morning sun!
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Usually I am luck of the draw, but today I knew the Katy was coming through so I got that. I also caught freshly painted shortline locomotives that I had no idea were in town.
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