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Default shipping trailers

this si kind of a simple question but is there really a big difference in shipping a trailer on a flat or spine car than shipping it in a 48 or 53 well car. and if there isnt how come most trailer trains are almost always tofc?
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If you mean TOFC's that are truck trailers instead of containers, I think there are holes in the wells on intermodal cars, so they can't put trailers in there.
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48' and 53' trailers can be hauled in the well cars. I've seen several trailers on those, as well as empties where you can actually see the fifth wheel attachment on either end. I'm no railroader (yet) but my guess is that it would probably have to do with car availability. What amazes me though is when they'll put a trailer on a 3 or 5 section car and straddle the drawbar with it. That's when you pray the engineer doesn't yank the bar out right there.
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