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Default Not cool

Fellas, I'm sorry, but this is not cool:


'What if?' pictures are now being accepted? I remember not long ago the crap one individual got for Photoshopping a fake three-way meet that never happened.

No disrespect intended for Mr. Thomason, but I don't think this is the precident you want to set on this site by accepting 'What if?' shots. It's hard enough getting 'this really happened shots' and something like this just seems so far out of bounds. I'm against editting out poles or wires in shots, but showing off someone's Photoshop skills by combining pictures of differnt eras is ridiculous. What's next, the Gettysburg Excursion train rolling by Little Round Top before Pickett's Charge?!?

I'm not a fan of this.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing there. Even though this one came right out and stated that it was photoshopped I wonder how it slipped by screeners. It wasn't up long, though. By the time I went to hit on it to show someone, it was gone.

That aside, it really wasn't a bad job!
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That one was my fault. I was busy screening a monster pile of photos and let that one get by me without paying enough attention to it. It should have been rejected and obviously, has since been yanked.
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