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Default Rare "false proceed" observed on BNSF stockton sub

Any railfan in the San Francisco bay area should have noticed by now that BNSF has been extending the Pittsburg siding and upgrading it to CTC. This has been an ongoing project as they have begun to tie-in the CTC signalling system with the current ABS. Apparently a critical signal relay was mistakenly left out of the wiring resulting in the extremely rare and dangerous false proceed indication.

A westbound train at East Pittsburg observed an approach (yellow) indication that cleared to a proceed (green) indication while a Pittsburg roadswitcher was still fouling the main track and proceeding eastward into the siding at West Pittsburg. The westbound signal aspect at West Pittsburg was verified as red and remained red. As there is no intermediate signal between switches at Pittsburg, there would have been no approach indication to this stop signal.

Fortunately both crews were attentive and no impact or injuries occured. The implications are rather enormous for this type of oversight as you could imagine.

Has anyone ever seen a false proceed in their railfanning or railroad work?
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The double collision at Clapham Junction (UK) on 12th December 1988 was caused by a wiring error during resignalling works (35 people killed). The report into this accident had far reaching implications into many aspects of UK rail operations. Report available HERE , but beware is 7.6mb and 250 pages long.

Personally speaking, I have only seen one such "wrong side failure" in over 22 years, nowhere near as serious as the one at Clapham - but disconcerting all the same.
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