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Default CTC Board Day In North America 2004

CTC Board's Day In North America is scheduled to be held on October 16th, 2004.

Here's your chance to take part in creating an exciting photo feature for CTC Board Railroads Illustrated. We have set aside October 16, 2004 to illustrate North American railroading on a "typical" day in 2004. To do your part simply go out to your favorite railroad photo location on October 16, 2004, rain or sunshine, take photos through the day and send the results to us by December 1, 2004.

All photographs submitted for Day In North America 2004 must be taken during the 24 hours of October 16, 2004. All submissions must be at the Ferndale Editorial office no later than December 1, 2004.

Photographs must be original color slides, black & white prints or slides, or digital images. For details on submitting digital images, see below. We do not accept color prints, color negatives, or duplicate slides for publication. All photos you wish returned must be accompanied by return packaging with your correct return address on it and correct postage applied or included. All submissions not accompanied by return packaging and correct postage will not be returned. Each slide or print must have the photographer's name and address written on it. Basic caption information must include at least the location (including railroad, nearest siding or town, and state). More caption information for slides may be submitted on a separate piece of paper. Do not send photos for other uses, such as news photos, with your Day In North America submission.

Digital submissions for Day In North America must be from at least a 4 megapixal camera, or the image size must at least roughly 32" by 24" at 72 dpi, or larger. All digital submissions must include a hard copy (a color or black & white "print") for each image. The hard copy size must be no smaller than 4x6" and no larger than 8x10". All digital submissions must be sent on a CD in tiff or jpg format. DO NOT SEND DIGITAL IMAGES TO US VIA EMAIL. They will not be accepted for publication and will be deleted.

Our coverage area will include all of North America. There are no restrictions on types of photographs other than they must be taken during the 24-hours of October 16, 2004 and they must be railroad related.

Please be aware of and respectful of private property and be aware of security issues on Day In North America and whenever railfanning. Having a copy of CTC Board with a previous yearıs Day In North America coverage in it might be helpful if you need to explain what you are doing if you are questioned. You are responsible for your own actions when railfanning. Please act responsibly.

Start making plans now for Day In North America 2004 and we'll look for you trackside on October 16, 2004! Send your photos to:

CTC Board Railroads Illustrated
Day In North America 2004
P.O. Box 1358
Ferndale WA 98248

Deadline for contributions is December 1, 2004. For more information, visit http://www.ctcboard.com
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