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Default Compression / Poor Image Quality?

I got this one rejected for "Too Much Compression" and "Poor Image Quality" -


Comments please?
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Hi Bryan,

A few questions that might help folks comment on this:

- What kind of camera are you using?

- What's the camera's resolution (how many megapixels?)

- What settings are you using for size and quality of the pictures you shoot?

- When you process for RP, what settings are you using to export the JPEG image that you upload?

- Have you edited and SAVED the image multiple times?

All of the above can affect the quality of the resulting image. You should be shooting the largest, best quality image that your camera is capable of and you want to minimize the number of times that you do a SAVE AS with the image.


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I don't see any pixelation. Overall, the image does seem a bit soft.

The EXIF says a Kodak Z612, a 6mp, 12x zoom camera. The shot was at 1/1000, f/4; I think it would have been better at 1/500, f/8 to get more depth of field, then the focus would have been better throughout.

EDIT: with a digicam, f/4 is not so bad on depth of field, so it may have been OK. How have your other shots been coming out, image quality-wise? The others in the database I presume are fine; the one I looked at was.

First thing, I would try a bit more sharpening.
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