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Bryan Oliver
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Default High Sun?

I had this shot rejected for high sun -
I took this shot at around 7:00pm. How could it possibly be high sun at that time of day? I appealed, but was rejected again for the same thing with no other information given. Any thoughts?
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Chicago Railfan
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The axles are in shadow. If you focused directly on the nose of the engine, and not so much the body if wouldn't be considered a high sun shot. I like the picture though, I think the colors and lighting are pretty good.
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I wouldn't take the "high sun" rejection too literally. We've all come to know they really mean they just don't like the way the subject is lit....and high sun is just one way that can happen. Unfortunately, the Screeners don't have a reject button for every nuance related to lighting, so "high sun" becomes the default.

I concur with my friend from Chicago. The subject is lit directly on the nose and the sides are in shadow. If you had shot this more nose-on, I think it would have a better chance.

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Agree with the above; I just want to add that you have pretty strong oversharpening artifacts around the various wires.
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Kevin hit the nail on the head. While the rejection reads: "Poor Lighting: High Sun," it should read: "Poor Lighting: Nose-Lit (When only the nose of the train is lit, three quarter shots will not work.)"

- Chris
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Dennis A. Livesey
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Wedgies of common power have to be perfect to get in. The nose light, shadowed trucks is correct. But even more, the great amount of clutter forcing my eye all over the place; and not in fun ways.

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Close but no banana, You see what there saying in the shot im sure. Its not a bad shot, BUT. What would work here if reshot backing up and moving over to the right, Gets rid of the lack of side light and hides some of the crap thats blocking the sides of the power to. just something to think about. We all had shots come out like this by not seeing where the Light may fall on the trains or power.
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