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Default Drunks, pickup trucks and CSX coal trains

You just have to see this guy.


8:30am on a Sunday morning and this pickup driver was drunk as a skunk. He sat at the crossing looking both directions and then turned left down the tracks right after the train blew for the crossing. Lucky for him, the four unit 190-car double hopper train was probably a little below the 10mph restriction for the wye and managed to get the entire consist stopped with room to spare. He sat in the truck looking at the train and then jumped out and stumbled off leaving the crew scratching their heads. A few minutes later he wonders back with a jack and his mother in another car. When he couldn't figure the jack out, he ran off again leaving his mother with the keys just as 3 Winchester city police cars and 2 Clark county deputies roll up. I decided it was getting a little too crowded and left the boys in blue to clear up the mess.
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You know, one of the spots I railfan regularly in suburban Maryland (Riverdale Park MARC Station) has a set of CPL's within easy view of a grade crossing.

It's interesting, I'd say we get about 1 or 2 vehicles a month that decide the CPL's are actually traffic lights and take the Bee-line for the "intersection". Needless to say they seldom get far beyond the grade crossing as it is quite the drop off of the road. (Probably 8 inches or better)

Most are drunk, although there are a few that just are completely unfamiliar with the area and cut the turn too soon. There are 2 roads that run parallel to the ROW on either side of the grade crossing.

I've seen some very, very close calls, including a trailer train with a clear signal that stopped only about 40 feet short of striking the car. The driver had abandoned it 5 minutes before and took off running. One of my friends used his cell to call the CSX police and was transferred to the dispatcher who was able to call a Q137 and stop him.

Local boys showed up and removed the car, and oh yes, they found the driver passed out in a ditch 2 blocks away.
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