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Default How to calibrate your monitor?

I have been having a lot of trouble with over exposed photos over the past few weeks. How do you calibrate your monitor to make sure the brightness and contrast are set to the appropriate levels?
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Well, there are instruments for this sort of thing, one is called a (Gertag?) Spyder and sells at Amazon (USA) for $60-70 or so. On my to-do/to-buy list.

But I have use simply a laptop screen and have had no problems. So you might want to consider, first, putting a truly critical eye to your shots in comparison to similar accepted shots on RP and calibrating your eye.

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Here's a simple way to calibrate the brightness of your monitor and see some neat railroad photos in the process.

Go to http://www.railography.co.uk/ and scroll down a bit until you see "Monitor Calibration." Adjust the brightness of your screen until you can just barely see the triangles inside the circles in both the white and black boxes.

Then check out the rest of his website for some great (mostly) steam photos from around the world.

Michael Allen
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Default Monitor Calibration


Her is a link to a target grey scale.

Adjust your brightness and contrast so that you can see all the shades.


But this will only sort out your tonal range.

As far as colour is concerned probably the best gear to use is the Gretag Mcbeth Eye 1. Gretag is now part of XRite so the product name will have changed.

This is the link for monitor only calibration


This link is the item that does monitors, projectors and printers.


There are other issues, especially with lap tops and 'flat' screens LCD TFT monitors, that is viewing angle, the gamma of the screen alter considerably with the angle of view, so try to adopt a 'standard' angle that allows you to see all shades of the target grey scale.

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For about 70.00 a Spyder 2 express.
Load the software put the calibrator on your monitor watch it calibrate
takes about 10 minutes and your good to go. I set to calibrate about
every 20 day.
The colors look a whole lot better.
Samuel E Howard
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