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Default USM help???

Why is it that when I use Unsharp Mask, my shots get a watery/painted appearance? The settings that I use are the typical 5/.5/0. I've had a few 'Operprocessed-too much grain removal gives a painted appearance' rejectioins lately, and thought this may have been the cause, and not the grain removal. When I do use the grain removal, it is used very minutely.
Here's an example. The one on the left is the USM version, and on the right is the just straight sharpening at 50 version, which was accepted into the DB today. It's hard to see it in those small of files, but it is a lot worse in the RP upload sizes.
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With a resolution of 8 MP on the Rebel XT, I usually use Canon Digital Photo Professional to bump up the sharpness to 1-3, export to TIFF, rotate/level, do a run of USM at 0.75 / 50 / 5 at the original resolution, and then again at 0.75 / 25 / 5 after resizing image.

The "best" settings vary from camera to camera, and are mainly a function of resolution, I think.
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I too use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. I open my files, save as a TIF, import in photoshop. Then after I do color changes, shadow/highlight work, crop, etc. I sharpen my photos at 100/.7/0. Then I resize to whatever I need it to be. Before saving I do one final round of sharpening, usual at 40 or 50/.5/0. Seems to work good for me, but check my work to judge for yourself.
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There certainly are a lot of different values being stated here! I have to wonder if some are typos or some are non-PS software.

There is 5/.5/0, which in PS will basically do nothing (50/.5/0 will do, although on the weak side at least for my shots). There is .75/25-50/0 which I have no idea what it does. There is 100/.7/0 which is what I am used to seeing.
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I sharpen pretty much all my shots these days using the LAB color technique described in the tutorial here . . .


Works like a charm using Photoshop CS3.
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I just use the sharpening tool in Elements, I like the idea of being able to sharpen what you want, instead of the entire picture.
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