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Default A new and different Variety

In my search for places to post non-railroad related and even some of my favorite RPN rejects, I found a few websites, one in particular where you get paid to rate other people's photography, a meager .5 cents (half a cent) for each rating you give, but there is always the chance of someone actually enjoying your picture enough that they would buy it from you so there is quite a potential..
The link: http://www.picpublisher.com/referral/William_Grow

Another, but you dont' get paid, but you can still post pictures, it's not as organized as RPN, but it's something fun, alot of ammeteurs posting snapshots as well, but you can "vote" for them and comment just the same, it's put on by Samsung of America
The link: http://soaphoto.com/

Or another good photography in general forum, organized well, and has regular contests of a different variety every two weeks, also the forums are great for help, and it also allows a free gallery, and larger gallery at a nominal cost.
the link: http://photozo.com/forum/portal.php

I'm sure there are more, but those are three of the ones that I put myself in.
Out of 93 pictures in one night I submit three, get one in, and forget about the rest..

Here is a show of my work here on RPN

Another place to look at pictures if there is more to photography than railroading http://www.picpublisher.com/referral/William_Grow

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