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Default Heavy Fog = Bad Contrast Fiasco....

Well, I've had a few rejections on this photo. More or less contrast???

Rejection 1: Yes, I know the info is bad and all that fun stuff.


I upped the contrast the next time, rejected again....but for under sharpened (soft). this time.


Then bad contrast again.


So, I play with the contrast, AGAIN....this time its undersharpened...AGAIN.


Okay, I don't change the contrast amount, sharpen the photo more, and its rejected for once again, Bad Contrast and undersharpened, yet again.


SO, more contrast, less contrast, or what?
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Even though this was never a rejection reason, do you have any more room on the bottom? I feel like the train looks cramped down there and overall the shot is bottom-heavy. If you could crop in some on the bottom, I personally think it might look better. I don't think it will stop it from getting on RP, so it's not a big deal.

As for the contrast, I don't know. More, maybe?
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I agree with Jake about putting in more on the bottom. This will get the shot to more of a rtio that RP likes, too. On the shot, all I can say is keep working on it. I didn't go through every rejection here, but the last one looks too blue and is, in fact, undersharpened. I think there is a fine RP shot in there somewere, but it might take a few more tries.

Editted to add -- I think it also needs some CW rotation.
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Unfortunately so, this was kind of "planned shot" that turned into a grab shot, as I was helping a friend find their way to my location ( so they could shoot the train too). So what your seeing in terms of on the photo is how it is with the original. I'll keep playing with it.

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