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Kyle Korienek
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Default Underexposed Silhouette

I'm a little confused, hence why I am here. Thoughts? Opinions? All are welcome...


Thanks in advanced...
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It is a tad dark. Lighten it up a little bit and you should be good.
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no opinion on the exposure, I wasn't there. And neither was the screener

personally, I'd crop left/top and maybe right. Too much sky. And no need to keep that post in the distant left.
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Holloran Grade
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The picture overall is too dark - at least that is what they are telling you.

Lighten it up and see what happens next.

It may take a few times (the old run around the bush with the screener game) but eventually it should get in.

And what JRMDC said.
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you gotta NUKE that sky. make it look like Chernobyl. They'll take it.
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THAT angle is not very conducive to a silhouette as you exposed it. The foregound needs to be brighter, see some definition

It would be great if you were at a 90 degree angle to the train, but you're not...
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