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Exclamation Csxt

CSXT are the reporting marks for any CSX owned engine. Glad we got this cleared up...

I know this isn't really the place for this, but honestly how come people can't all be on the same page with something so easy as this? While looking through pictures today I searched a particular engine and only got a few shots turn up. Later while searching on the www I got a shot from RP turn up a few links down with, amazingly, the incorrect reporting marks.

It's not that hard, and ignorance can't always be to blame. Joe V, a screener I believe, never correctly identifies the engine thus searching correctly won't bring up any of his shots...

This is the same way with alot of the WC 6900's, GTW 59XX's, and anything else with the CN noodle on the long hood.

Off the soap box I go...

The future is uncertain, so take the shots now.
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