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Default RRs & The Economic Stimulus Packages

The next (as will likely be just a part of a series) ‘stimulus’ package of 800 billion has to my knowledge NEVER included any ‘ideas’ such as expanding AmTrak service, funding the building of a demo high speed rail service, experimenting with including car carriers on AmTrak trains so long haul passengers can have their personal vehicles when they get to their destination, etc.,.

Anyone heard of any plans that would benefit railroading?
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Other then states putting money into updating their commuter rail services, and getting federal funds to assist, I haven't heard of any stimulus plans for the railroads. Sadly I think we will bail out banks and automakers long before we will put a good amount of money into rail services, which is a shame as they are still a major part of transportation for passengers and freight.

Perhaps there are and may be some in the future, even parts of laws or plans that would stimulate railroads, many of which I know are struggling just to bring their infrastructure up to date before they can worry about expanding.

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Keeping the economy from going any further into the crapper benefits all of the railroads, assuming they still make their money by charging customers for their services.

There are a lot of businesses that are hurting from the economic downturn, that doesn't mean we should be writing all of them checks.
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1) Oil company CEO's have the government in their pockets. 2) The government cannot collect a diesel fuel tax from the industry because they are "off-road vehicles". Now that a Democrat is soon to be in office, the rail industry may see more funding.

-- Kevin
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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman
2) The government cannot collect a diesel fuel tax from the industry because they are "off-road vehicles".
The government can do whatever it wants to! and in fact collected a 4.3 cent/gallon fuel tax starting in 1993, which went to deficit reduction. I think it was eliminated in 2004.
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The Tunnel Project is the only "shovel ready" project I know of that is receiving stimulus funds.


The first phase has already gone to the bidding process and I believe ground breaking well commence late 3rd quarter '09 or early 4th quarter.
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I thought I remember seeing something on CNN or Fox with one of those angry newscasters that are always pessimistic. They were pissed off at the thought of giving Amtrak more money.

That was probably 2 or 3 months ago, but it seems like he said it was time for the govt to abandon Amtrak and make them operate on their own with out any aid or something like that.
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Sounds like Foxnews or msnbc, all rant no facts. Amtrak isn't putting any money into the project, it's all New Jersey Transit and the NY&NJ Port Authority with the Feds kicking in a 1/3rd of the $10 billion.
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I believe that there are some earmarks for an Amtrak route from Chicago to the Quad Cities.
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