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Default Television Video on Rail Safety

Some years ago I was watching a television special on rail safety, and I can only remember one detail. It showed a scene where an automated crossing camera at a busy station showed two rail lines. On the closer rail line was a parked train, and a pedestrian was crossing on a walking path in front of the parked train. As the pedestrian stepped beyond the parked train and began to step on the second set of tracks, a second train that was moving appeared on the second set of rails behind the parked train, but the camera was stopped before showing what happened. I have never seen that special again and I wondered if anyone else ever remembered seeing it. It must have been at least 15 years ago maybe longer. I don't remember any other details. Any others out there who remember seeing it?
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Yeah, as I recall it happened in Aurora IL. On the "racetrack" outside Chicago. Somewhere out there the video still exists on someone's website, I don't have the link anymore or I'd post it.

It's quite disturbing, not cut out like it is in the video to which you refer. By the way, the video is "Runaway Trains Vol. 1" They never made a volume II as far as I'm aware.

At any rate, you see the girl walk right in front of a BN E8 and she is thrown directly at the cameraman who is taken out as a result. Obviously, she was killed, and you'll noticed a guy walking beside/behind her, turns out he's a lawyer.

He tried to represent the family when the sued the RR saying the grade crossing was unsafe, but the video was used in court to show that the grade crossing signals were working just fine and that they both ignored them.

If I happen to come across the link again, I'll post it.

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I also saw a program on train derailments a few years ago... I wonder why they haven't shown that recently?
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Default Good Memory!

hoydie17, thanks for replying. You have a good memory. BTW, I checked out your link to your RP pics. I had never seen a rail snowplow before. But my favorite was the "Fraternal Twins" pic of the sequentially numbered locomotives with the different paint schemes.

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I beleive I know the video you are talking about and I have a link to it but all viewers beware that it is a very graphic video and somewaht disturbing http://video.search.yahoo.com/video/...4&size=228.0kB just click that link and then view video at the top of the screen
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I saw the video about a year ago and it is definetly very disturbing. Something I dont want to see again. I cant imagine what it must be like to witness that first hand.
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