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Default Help on rejected photo

This photo was recently rejected for bad cropping and poor lighting. Lighting: It was taken on a rainy day, but all details in the photo are clearly visible and, I do not feel, too dark. Cropping: On the top is a rainbow. On the left is a train platform, which I consider to be nice-looking. On the bottom is the foreground tracks. On the right is a visually interesting consist of road railers. If I do crop this photo, I am not sure what is to be cropped out.

I'll take any constructive criticism I can get on why this was rejected and how I can crop it to make it acceptable.


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I'm surprised it was rejected for bad lighting, even though it is cloudy and rainy. There is a lot of color in the photo, and I don't think the rainy conditions necessarily take away from it. However, by the same token, it is a common ole NS, and cloudy day shots are tough to get accepted without something interesting about the picture.

As far as the cropping, that is probably the killer here. The train is too far up the tracks, and at least my attention is drawn to the trainless track in the foreground and the emptiness to the left. The rainbow is not at all prominent, either, so I don't think it adds to the shot. However, I don't think the sky is part of your cropping issue, so it probably does not matter.

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Well the rainbow in the photo is really interesting and adds alot to the photo but is kind of hard to see. Try resubmitting and add someting in your remarks about the rainbow in case the screeners missed it. That's all I can think of otherwise great shot! -Ryan
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I don't think the rainbow stands out enough to get it past the cloudy/common power rejection...
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The only thing I see to crop out is that big bus on the right side of the photo. By doing this, you might crop out one roadrailer, but then that bus is gone, and you have a better chance. Plus it will make the train look closer.
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I didn't even notice a rainbow until I read 4kV's comment; I was even going to suggest cropping out much of the sky. It may be worth a try to only include one roadrailer in front of the lead unit. And then chop off some of the foreground. I would keep some of the lightposts on the left, they add character and the sidewalk shows rain (giving reason for the sunless photo).
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