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Default Highway Crossing Reject

Good afternoon gentlemen!

It seems I've been having good luck with the screeners lately, but here's my latest rejection: http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...36&key=9559662

I'd like to get comments regarding the composition and sharpness of the picture.

Before I got this rejection, I got multiple soft rejections, to the point where the screener left a note and said... it's still very soft overall (in spite of very agressive sharpening in Lightroom).

I'm thinking my camera may have slightly misfocused, but for such a shot it would have been to infinity no matter what it focused on, wouldn't it?

What do you guys think?

Mathieu Tremblay
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I think less right and bottom will even things out a bit. Also, it could use a slight CCW rotation. I'm not good at judging sharpness, so I can't comment on that.
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Agreed with the little less right and a lot of bottom. If you have more sky, add it in, because the sky is more interesting than the bland grass of the foreground.

I think the words on the highway sign are what is calling the sharpness into question. What are your steps to sharpen the photo?

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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I really like the non-traditional composition but I agree that it needs to be cropped a little tighter. The crossing, Canadian road signs, traffic backed up... All add to a unique view. I think with a little work you'll have this one in the DB.
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